Kala Pose

Kala Pose

Monday, 21 June 2010

5 weeks since i wrote on here ... wow iv been busy

FUUUU! i just dropped my pencil case and all my stationary is scatterd on the floor.

why is stationary called stationary? pencils, pens and rubbers have nothing to do with stations... my biro doesnt look a thing like a bus. also they dont stay still and 'stationary'. the whole point if them is for them to move, hopefuly wirting something important instead of drawring a penis which would be worrying if a penis actualy looked like that.

ok, so i dont write to you for 5 weeks, and all i write about is flipping pencils.your probobly thinking, why did i bother reading this... that woman is a flippin' nut house.

hmm... something worthwhile ... iv had two jobs in the past 5 weeks.i started at a restarant for ... 2-3 weeks, but they let me go as it wasnt 'economicaly viable' ... in simple terms, you arnt worth the money were paying you. ok, that me being pessimisic and cynical. the buisness was kind of going under.

in a way im glad im not there still. its thestrangest thing, but it made me cringe so much when my boss said 'parma ham and melon'. dont ask how, just did.

now im at DA BANK! which i actualy enjoy, the girls are a giggle, and my boss is barely there cos the lucky sod gets holidays left, right, and centre. its simple what i hav to do, but theres so many of thw simple things which make it a big mind fizzle. i hate it when a woman rushes in, obviously has to head off in the next milli-second with an envelope containing £3000, in old 20 pound notes. i have to check the right ammount, and for forgeries. 'sorry love, your gonna be here a while'. so you start off ... 20, 40, 60, 80, 1, 20, 40, 60, 80, 2 etc. then double count a note, so you start again ... 20, 40, 60, 80, 1 ... you et through two wads of notes and on your third, you count £9980 ... bum.... double check you havnt missed a note. nope. get someone else to check. nope still £9980. run it through the machine .. only 49 notes there. 'sorry miss whatever, but your £20 short.' 'no im not, i checked it myself, have you counted it right!' .....'*@!!$^90@' ' you just watched me woman'

ok, it hasnt happend like that before... yet. my time will come.

well, its 23.15, and im rather tired. goodnight all and i hope you enjoyed my blog for tonight. see you in 5 weeks.