Kala Pose

Kala Pose

Thursday, 28 January 2010

does anyone read my blogs?

so, i logged on to my blogger, checked what was new and had a thought - does anyone actualy read thw bullshit i write on here? ok, i rant about 'pretty' women, how aliens cant be designed and new years resolution. and ok, in all honesty, it isnt too interesting. but it passes 5 minuits reading it, yeah?

so all the people who say on facebook and msn "I'm bored!", they could save that comment and read my blog. so instead of complaining, they would say "kaylas blog is awesome", and i wouldnt be wasting 10 minuits writing this crap about nothing.

on another note:

FUCK OFF!!! i dotn want to meet up with you, you are bloody 27. why the hell would i want to hang around with someone who should be at work, going to the pub after work with his collegues and coming home to his wife. not cooped up, sending emails to a 17 year old saying 'hey hun' 'love you xxxxxx' GO AWAY!!!

~sighs~ i feel better now

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

thoughts after being insulted

"im not going to hug you because your not as pretty as ness" - Charming. Bloody Charming.

What are women? objects? 3D watercolour paintings? naked statues with an illusion of clothes?

the men will reply to me, "women think we are tools with one aim"... True, but only when they are horny.

what i dont get is how some women get men. the ones, doused in foundation. Lips paler than their natural skin colour, in some horrible pearl colour. a thin stip of liquid eyeliner on the bottom of their eyelids, which cracks and smears; also making them look like zombies from a 40's film. that annoying pouting smile, giving victoria beckham a run for her money; but as soon as they open there mouths, that horrible pearl is on their teeth. over-straightened, over-dyed black hair, lying static 2 inches away from their heads. and i wont forget to mention, the sopts. Bubbling away under their foundation, leaving cracks in it like mini earthquakes.

is that realy attractive guys?

surely, when you kiss them, you get their pearl on your lips, meaning you have to lick it off, or whipe it off. i dont know which is worse. a sticky hand, or plasticy stale gunk sliding down your throat. and if you kiss their face ... must be like kissing a chalk board. and their necks. the over-powering, sickly purfume which is suppsed to be vanilla, or flowers, or some exotic scent named 'erotica'. who knows.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

finished january exams...

... one word:


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

thoughts whilst on the bus home

today, was saton the bus home when someone i used to know got on at Hayle. i dont think she recognised menso she didnt sit next to me. shes changed a bit. her hairs brown instead of black with horrible roots. but her natural hair still doesnt make her look good.

i know this sounds realy bitch and horrible, but it was like i was looking into the past at me from 3 years ago. And how im glad i have changed.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

untitled 2

this post would be a massive rant about how i am rather annoyed at someone right now.
you dont know who it is.
could be male, could be female
could have brown, blonde, red, purple or multi-coloured hair
could have a big nose
could have small eyes
could have a broken leg
or a black eye

whoever they may be, thye might not even read this to know im annoyed at them.

but a message to them - just rember what iv done for you. and not just what i have done. would be nice to hear from you once in a while. for a coffee or a chat. not this silence filled with a few words which supposed to have feeling, but infact they are empty and meaningless because i know that you are not behind them.

missed the bus ...

... again! why does the bus have to come early? cant the bus driver feel sorry for us girlies, rushing to cram out feet into expencive heals. touch up our nails and makeup. squirt perfume into our hair so that also smells nice. its hard work being a woman y'know!

geeze, cut us some slack and let us finish being beautiful!

Sunday, 17 January 2010


i was going to write a blog, but i was too tired. had a fun day making tiramasu, yoga and playing twister at wolfmans!

so today, i had to revise for my english exam tomorrow. not fun. last night i fell asleep with good intentions of waking up bright and bushy tailed to enbark on a mission of revision. guess what, i woke up late. tidying my room was more interesting than plouging though sylvia plath. and we watched avatar. but i did get some done so i am pretty much sorted for tomorrow

i hope....

after i have bored you with my revision talk, ill focus on avatar. two words- Freekin' amazing. not ever have i enjoyed a film about naked blue people running about as much as this one!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Just One

this is the only one picture of New Years. Its Rather lame as you cant even see my tutu or fairy wings!

this is the official last picture of the naughties

what is all the fuss about?

snow this, snow that ..... I'm bored of hearing it. i was up in Leeds a few weeks ago and more snow fell in an hour, to what has fallen in a whole week here. its silly. you have bus services stopping, causing one poor bloke i spoke to, miss a funeral. Cars driving at 5 miles per hour. weather reporters telling us the roads are a bit dodgy. Come on, did she go to university or not. Dodgy. Amazing term for a professional meteorologist to use huh?

when will this snow stop and our lives can continue back to normal? iv been stuck at home, what ... 5 days now; and the fresh sprinkling of snow from today will give me another two days to mindlessly roam around the house. mind you, today i did make a yummy spicy bean salsa. but cut my finger in the process!

see what the world is coming to... overuse of blogger, facebook and msn, and slicing fingers off ... hurry up summer!

on the plus side, my mum booked my 18th birthday prezzi. A lovely Cruise around the Med. Cant wait!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Thoughts whilst watching War of the Worlds

Humans cannot possibly make aliens in films! its impossible.
surely alien is something which is completly and utterly inhuman - yet all the aliens in films seem to have: sight, hearing, tough, smell, two legs, two arms. Yes they may look a little strange with green blemished skin, but overall, they're still very humanistic

to make a real alien you need to think outside the human box

note: i am not saying i can make up an alien ...

... because to do that, surely you would need to forget all that you have ever learnt in a human enviroment, and animal for that matter; and come up with a charater which is completly and utterly origional, it would be totaly unrecognisable to anyone else. then, would you be able to see it?

how would we recognise something that is so unfamilliar and possesses no charactersitics that us human would recognise, however obscure some creatures are. we can recognise animals by eyes, limbs, lungs, movement and behaivour. how would we recognise something so obscure that its characteristics have nothing smilar to what we are used to. would we just overlook it? is there an alien sat right next to you?