Kala Pose

Kala Pose

Thursday, 28 January 2010

does anyone read my blogs?

so, i logged on to my blogger, checked what was new and had a thought - does anyone actualy read thw bullshit i write on here? ok, i rant about 'pretty' women, how aliens cant be designed and new years resolution. and ok, in all honesty, it isnt too interesting. but it passes 5 minuits reading it, yeah?

so all the people who say on facebook and msn "I'm bored!", they could save that comment and read my blog. so instead of complaining, they would say "kaylas blog is awesome", and i wouldnt be wasting 10 minuits writing this crap about nothing.

on another note:

FUCK OFF!!! i dotn want to meet up with you, you are bloody 27. why the hell would i want to hang around with someone who should be at work, going to the pub after work with his collegues and coming home to his wife. not cooped up, sending emails to a 17 year old saying 'hey hun' 'love you xxxxxx' GO AWAY!!!

~sighs~ i feel better now

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