Kala Pose

Kala Pose

Sunday, 10 January 2010

what is all the fuss about?

snow this, snow that ..... I'm bored of hearing it. i was up in Leeds a few weeks ago and more snow fell in an hour, to what has fallen in a whole week here. its silly. you have bus services stopping, causing one poor bloke i spoke to, miss a funeral. Cars driving at 5 miles per hour. weather reporters telling us the roads are a bit dodgy. Come on, did she go to university or not. Dodgy. Amazing term for a professional meteorologist to use huh?

when will this snow stop and our lives can continue back to normal? iv been stuck at home, what ... 5 days now; and the fresh sprinkling of snow from today will give me another two days to mindlessly roam around the house. mind you, today i did make a yummy spicy bean salsa. but cut my finger in the process!

see what the world is coming to... overuse of blogger, facebook and msn, and slicing fingers off ... hurry up summer!

on the plus side, my mum booked my 18th birthday prezzi. A lovely Cruise around the Med. Cant wait!

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