Kala Pose

Kala Pose

Monday, 21 June 2010

5 weeks since i wrote on here ... wow iv been busy

FUUUU! i just dropped my pencil case and all my stationary is scatterd on the floor.

why is stationary called stationary? pencils, pens and rubbers have nothing to do with stations... my biro doesnt look a thing like a bus. also they dont stay still and 'stationary'. the whole point if them is for them to move, hopefuly wirting something important instead of drawring a penis which would be worrying if a penis actualy looked like that.

ok, so i dont write to you for 5 weeks, and all i write about is flipping pencils.your probobly thinking, why did i bother reading this... that woman is a flippin' nut house.

hmm... something worthwhile ... iv had two jobs in the past 5 weeks.i started at a restarant for ... 2-3 weeks, but they let me go as it wasnt 'economicaly viable' ... in simple terms, you arnt worth the money were paying you. ok, that me being pessimisic and cynical. the buisness was kind of going under.

in a way im glad im not there still. its thestrangest thing, but it made me cringe so much when my boss said 'parma ham and melon'. dont ask how, just did.

now im at DA BANK! which i actualy enjoy, the girls are a giggle, and my boss is barely there cos the lucky sod gets holidays left, right, and centre. its simple what i hav to do, but theres so many of thw simple things which make it a big mind fizzle. i hate it when a woman rushes in, obviously has to head off in the next milli-second with an envelope containing £3000, in old 20 pound notes. i have to check the right ammount, and for forgeries. 'sorry love, your gonna be here a while'. so you start off ... 20, 40, 60, 80, 1, 20, 40, 60, 80, 2 etc. then double count a note, so you start again ... 20, 40, 60, 80, 1 ... you et through two wads of notes and on your third, you count £9980 ... bum.... double check you havnt missed a note. nope. get someone else to check. nope still £9980. run it through the machine .. only 49 notes there. 'sorry miss whatever, but your £20 short.' 'no im not, i checked it myself, have you counted it right!' .....'*@!!$^90@' ' you just watched me woman'

ok, it hasnt happend like that before... yet. my time will come.

well, its 23.15, and im rather tired. goodnight all and i hope you enjoyed my blog for tonight. see you in 5 weeks.

Monday, 17 May 2010

what is wrong with helford?

OK. what the hell was wrong with Helford building today? walking down the stairs from English was like walking into the bowels of someone who had egg and cress sandwich for lunch. flippin' pongin'!

i wont have a blog all about foul smells in case your scared.

but on the subject of smell - I'm tired of people sticking their noses in other peoples business. if someone wants to tell you something, they will off their own back! i don't want to tell every tom dick and harry what someone texts me, or what i talked about last Friday night. next ill be asked what colour my shit is or something. ~sigh~

anyway on a lighter note, it was finally sunny today! i can almost feel the beach calling me over! this year, screw being mature and adult but I'm going to take my old inflatable whales down the Beach and have fun. I'm kid in the eyes of the law for 2 more months, i got to make the most of my fading child days.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

bloody hormones!

one thing i hate about being a girl is our hormones. i hate them more than not being able to pee easily in public. i do feel sorry for men sometimes when our bodies become inhuman and turn into a flesh covered hormonal soup!

ok, so my hormones may be a bit artificial and pill induced. But when you have had to miss 3 days of going doctors to get more pills, and you are left uncovered and vulnerable to the worlds daily stresses - Oh god, i am a monster!

these past few days iv been ecstatic one second, and wanting to jump in front of a train the next. last night on a relaxing walk to calm myself down i ended up seriously considering resigning from the world of human and seeing what life would be like as a salve in hell. the littlest tinniest thing to potentially lower my mood has made me look like that volcano in iceland ... erupt and the devastation lasts for weeks.

on the up-side - i Finally went to the doctors and in a few days i will be the 'normal' kayla everyone knows. and all the men i know, especially James, can come out of their hiding places.

Monday, 10 May 2010

a strange desire

for some reason i realy want to go to hospital. iv never ever been propely. iv had a checkup here n' there, but never a maijour 2-night-over-stay-jobby. i want to see what the foods like, what the nurses are like, are the beds comfy, how embarrising bed pans are. most importantly, i want to know if the people i care about will notice and come and visit a poor weak kayla in a hospital bed.

ok, i think this thought was triggered off by Matt commenting on how light i (apparently) am. then picked me up and span me round realy realy fast. it was pretty fun and i went weeeeeeeee but i got all scared he was going to drop me. that wasnt what i should have been scared off, when i was put down conor told me my head was an inch away from a metal light post. eeeeek!

at the time i was thinking 'shit'. but now i wonder what would have happened of i did hit the post. bit of a headache. passed out. brain damage. death. broken skull. personaility loss. or nothing. i duno. i never will, unless i get spun near a post again.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

kaylarr the waitarr

ok, got back from my first day at La Casita about an hour ago. easiest days wage iv ever earnt. only 3 coustomers, two worked at the restaraunt. theres not much else to say haha...

last night was, interesting. went for a meal with james, his family and his uncle and friend. i met the uncles friend while he was in the bathroom. having a shave. in his pants. great start.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

wheres my cheesy message?

one thing i noticed while reading peoples msn personal messages, was how many couples have posted 'i love you baby forever', and stuff along that line.

i dont think i have ever had a lovely, lovey dovey message in my life! am i not worthy of cheese. sometimes i would love a big dollop of gorganzola cheese sploshed on someones personal message ... 'oh kayla if you ever knew what you mean to me' or 'your radiant beauty makes the sun shine duller than rusty iron' something along those lines. its not hard. think of something magnificant or beautiful and say im better than it, basicaly.

well the magnificant thing ... you need to be careful with. i wont appriciate a message comparing me to a magnificant errection or something. oh dear ...

ok, i know cheesy messages are never nice for other people to read, but i am a cheese virgin. c'mon people ... cheese me!!!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The honesty blog

warning! this isnt my usual 'i dont care'; joke about fat people falling over, sort of blog. iv been told i need to open up more, so thats what im doing. to a flipping public blog site. Logical? well, doesnt seem so, but then why do people post on facebook about how they feel when they break up with there boyfriend. its to know that someone is listning, wether they want to or not. your just heard by somebody. nothing may come of it, but its the comfort of a 'problem shared is a problem halved', isnt it?

here goes: college this year has totaly and utterly worn me out. honestly feel like all the engergy and stuffing i had last year has been punched out of me with an essay shaped fist.

its been one thing after another. bad grades turned into continual bad grades even after i put the effort in. psychology just keeps getting harder and harder. i barely rember what 'validity' is, never mind flipping 'standard deviation'. we are expected to know about crime, depression, scizophrenia and controvesies. then know the aitiologies, treatments, explinations and then evaluate the flipping thing, refercncing a billion other psychologists with names like 'zimbardo'. it also gets better ... the research methods paper. Thats where the standard deviation comes in.

my media project is a complete shambles. i wont expand.

english isnt as much of a challenge, even though you have to rember quotes from two plays and two poetry books, use the quotes to analyse, and all the other AO's you need to do. like i said wont be as much of a challenge as i can somehow rember whole poems:

O Rose! you are sick.
the invisable worm
which flies in the night
in the howling storm,

has found out thy bed
of crimson joy.
and his dark secret love
which thy life does destroy.

See! i can rember stuff. now just give me good grades!!!

main reason im feeling crap is the fact i am unsucsessful, unwanted and un-needed in winchester. they are just not interested. however, i, the silly girl i am, set my hopes on that course. but i didnt get in. now not only can i not get into uni this year, i might not be able to do what i want in the future.

plan went like this:

get my grades at college - go to winchester - work my ass off and party my head off - get my uni grades - work on getting into the media (the english backs up almost any job)

however, new plan goes like this:

get my grades at college - do another year at college - ???

so its gone a bit wilted. fun times.
i also have oter stuff on ones mind, but i cant say. i never know how people will react, and i figure no reaction is better than a bad reaction. especialy with people you care about.

there we go. opening up is over, done, and finished with. you, whoever you are, has had a privilage of peeking into my life.

Thankyou ladies and gentlemen, i am michaela philips, thanks for reading today. i bid you farewell ....

joke! ps: i promise my next blog will be cheerier

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Easter holiday going downhill

OK, the first week of the Easter holidays were fun. going out Saturdays, cinema trips, meals, pool with random strangers, first experience of holiday a baby and catching up with old mate. but that was a whole 7 days away.

currently sat on the sofa with blogger and msn open over my English essay which really needs to get done. iv only got a few paragraphs to go, but its so god damn boring. so boring that looking at a girl so ugly she needs to be sent to the butchers on facebook is entertaining. honestly, i have no desire to write about the form and structure of Rossetti's work which defies the norms of standard form. mega sucks.

as well as trying to do college work iv been job hunting. but it may not be as bad as it sounds. I'm not saying where i might be working cos i don't want steals. One place says "if i dint have a job by next Tuesday come back and we'll sort something out", another seemed to just like me so that looks hopeful too. but i want to work in the jewelry shop. how good would that be. girls best dream. being surrounded my glitzy jewelry for hours on end. And the staff discount! <3 <3

im dissapeering on friday though. =D

Thursday, 8 April 2010

the nightmares are back

since i started college i seem to have outbursts of nightmares every night for a few weeks ... iv been saved for a month or two but they are back again =S fun times

last night i watched harry potter 5 because i knew James would complain about having to sit through it on Saturday so i decided to be nice. well the DVD player broke right at the exiting bit before the end, so i didn't see voldemort. i couldn't be bothered to try and fix it so i went to bed and this is what happened .... a big fat ass voldemort coming at me with his wand in a warehouse and me hiding under a computer desk trying to avoid his torture curse. ok, sounds quite funny, but i now know how Harry feels when he was a little baby. its not fun ok. your a second away from death and all you have to defend yourself is a bunch of cable wires, great. luckily i managed to wake myself before i wake everyone up with my tortured screams or whatnot.

you know what, i hope you enjoy my pain...

ps: went on spellcheck and a misspelled 'myself' was somehow 'slaphappy'

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

no thoughts whilst sat down ...

i am sat on my laptop drinking yet another glass of wine - taking ages to write this as my typings pretty dodgy - thinking she has nothing to say.

so annoying cos im bored and writing entertains me for 5 mins or so. but no. i have nothing intruguing or exiting to talk about. these ideas only flow when i am on a college bus or public bus. problem. i dont have a laptop with internet then =S. so i am sorry guys, you can deal with my semi-tipsy ramblings about how i keep backspacing every now and again because i actualy spelt it - noe anf again because i actualy speilt it.

oh, one thing which was exhilarating (i think thats the word tonight, i dunno) last night james came over and was uber tired and he fell asleep. yes interesting. so he went home early because it was "getting dark" and he didnt want to fall asleep when he was driving. fair enough. so he went and i said for him to txt me when he got home so i know he isnt dead and been mulled over by a great tractor. half an hour later. no text. hour later, nothing, so i send him one. another hour later, nothing. so i go to bed with a head full of car crashes, hospitals and all that sort of stuff. 12pm i get a txt.

my cat is looking at me. she wants to come in but i dont want to get up because im comfy. she should move out. its almost time for her to go to cat uni. she shouldnt deffer for a year. silly cat.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

the week is over!

Finlay this week is over. O glorious Saturday!

been such a rush this week trying to meet my Media deadline. its been fine all the 2 months working on it until this week. problems with the sound, computer not rendering etc etc... so again spent barely any time at home. my parents almost forgot i lived there. however, its good practice for when i go to uni. If i make it into to uni (note to James - dont hurt me for my negativity)

but its all done and dusted. and now i might be able to look after myself for a bit. as i did yesterday. hot bath with a glass of baileys, book and newton Faulkner. heavenly times

plan for next week! CHILL! UBER CHILLAGE! (despite the English coursework and media evaluation coursework, timed essay, production diary, CV, looking for a job and any more work my lecturers give me)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

you all need to know...

the world as it is known is over! over! maple story is dead! it doesnt work anymore! way too traumatic to comprehend! now i cant waste hours and hours on killing slimes and completing quests. soo not fair!

the world, this life, is now poitnless. nothing can fill the hole in my heart. the void where maple was will grow unitll it consumes me with eternal darkness.

~breaks down into sobs~

Friday, 12 March 2010

is writing a blog but has nothing to say

yes. erm. im al blank. nothing to inform you lovelies about. i bought flowers today. thats the exiting news. walked up to tesco, bought lillies, came home. wheeey.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

thoughts while writing my english essay

why are boyfriends hoodies always better than your own clothes? men always seem to choose the cosyest, warmest hoddies ever. wheras my stupid cardigans only take a pinch of cold air away from you. but i am tucked up in james's hoodie as snug as a bug making a copious ammout of english work bareable. no joke. it would be horrible if i was cold.

on the english front ... it isnt going happily. i was doig fine researching about femminism and all that rubbish, untill i get to the actual writing bit. how can i condense the content of 8 web pages into one consise paragraph? burrrh. scrap that for a while ... drink a strange flavour tea (i ahve found out that tea actualy has no taste, it is purely an aroma) and chatter untill i discuss fruit and how it is sexual while sublty inserting a bit of inequality somewhere.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

WHY? do men always get the better deal?

have you noticed that men always get the better end of the deal of being human? it has just occurred to me that they have all the privileges while us women have the raw deal.

1- Peeing
men can just up and go whenever or wherever they want. in a toilet, into a bush, off a cliff, and if they are anti-christ, up a church. us women have to find a toilet which is reasonable, wait in a 10 minuet long queue, behind a woman who had a kid who you know is going to take ages because kid fanny about half the time. when you Finlay get to a cubicle, theres no loo roll. this mean you have to just think 'fuck it' and go for it anyway, or wait another two minuets, risking your pride until the next is free. then theres the issue of the loo roll. its either too soft so it disintegrates, or too hard and hurts your underside. men, you dont know how lucky your pee, shake and go technique is.

2- Moods
man = on/off, good/bad, horny/very horny

woman = happy(mildly, very, extremely, ecstatic)/sad(meh, 'i think im going to cry', hysterical, 'i need a shoulder', 'i need a councilor')

Amused (this will keep me going for hours, ill get bored in a minuet, im pretending to be amused, haha, your penis is small)/ bored (hurry up bus, hurry up boyfriend/husband), 'what your saying is dull', i have finished all the housework, i have all my housework to do, i cant be bothered to cook, i have work in 10 minuets)

horny (quick kiss, foreplay, tease, sex, whatever else you might be into)/uninterested(you have bad breath, you shouldn't have eaten so many pies at Christmas, had a hard days work, im too tired, your not so great in bed, id rather have the gardener, go to the gym and ill consider it)

time of the month (LEAVE ME F***ING ALONE)

3- sexual organs
men- penis goes up, jiggle it around, hey presto thats my work done

woman- 'have i remembered Johnny's' 'did i remember to take my pill' 'coil? implant?' 'i might be pregnant' 'am i sexy enough' 'will he notice the mole on my bum' 'is there supposed to be hair there' 'shizzer i forgot to shave my legs' 'does it smell nice' 'damn, its the time of the month' 'does it matter i had curry last night?' 'i have a weak bladder' 'i have a cold, will i sound stupid?''what if he wants anal' 'shall i wear my corset, maids outfit or girl boxers?'

4- pregnancy
men - woman "honey, im pregnant" man "fuck that" runs away

woman- morning sickness, feeling rubbish, getting fat, ugly maternity clothes, aches and pains, lack of sex, cravings for cake, slow, cant work, stay at home, then the giving birth .....

i think that i have proved my point a little. any man going to prove me wrong - go on and entertain me =]

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

untitled 3

today is one of those days when you feel like you are sittingin an eternal pit of misery (you have permission to call me emo). honestly dont want to talk or see anyone. just have 'peace' and quiet and 'chill' by myself. half tempted to go itno college later than normal to avoid everyone again. gaaah one of those days where i dont like anyone. haha. yes im lame.

not my fault though, been over worked - stressover flowing out of the top of my head, so that last night, i fell asleep on the bus and that was that. gone, all energy left me and barely moved for hours haha. went to bed at 8pm woke up at 12 today, still unable to move. this is what college has done, keeps pushing and pushing ignoring the fact that people may have personal crap going on.

got driving lesson in 5 mins too. yaaay.

on a plus, had a giggle yesterday helping her with her photography. she made me into a sunshine (contradictory between my mood today. today id be a great dirty rain cloud) .............. i would put a picture up but my phone wont let me ¬¬

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

thoughts while sat re-drafting my english essay

i am going to fail. i am going to fail. i am going to fail. there is no way i will pass with my hideous grade for the first draft. once again, i am going to fail.

yeaah, check out my self confidence =)

i am sat next to lottie who is chanting "mention me" - so to lottie. you are mentioned in my fantabulous blog. =D

love you!

meh. i forgot my lunch. bad days

Saturday, 27 February 2010

summer time?

woke up this morning and decided to have a change from the monotinous crunch of cereal and go for grapefruit. make you feel so summery. so i had toast with marmalade after so i had a citrus filled saturday morning. what a way to start the day with summer brekfast!

now i am sat listning to blondie while james it out and about picking people up an buying me plasters. i wasd doing work, but after effects broke so i gave up and decided to blog while daydreaming about uni.

i am thinking .. what would be on my xmas list after being a poor student for months?:

1) FOOD! not packet savoury rice which is chewy and the bits of carrot are a bit plasticy and pinball-peas. I want smoked salmon on crackers an cream cheese. sushi and fresh, tesco finest, saladd collection with balsamic ressing. don't forget the flan. And for deseart i will have homemade lemon mirangue - from baking trays which arnt congeled with someoene elses meat pie juices.

2) Double Bed - i bet the uni beds are only tiiiny single with wafer-thin matereses which leave inprints of the metal bars on your back. i will want my double bed, luxury thick soft matteress. doubled up douvet and, of course, my silk throw.

3) toothpaste - tesco vaule mint isnt nice

4) a small electric heater - my heating broke

5) hair clippers. A hairdressing appointment is too expecive so i have decided to shave all my hair off - easier that way

6) a fairy god mother. someone to do my washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning, back massages, facials, manicure and pedicures, makup artist, hairdresser, personal wardrobe assistant, bag-carrier, tesco-runner, cab river .. no limo driver, book carrier, personal tutor, window cleaner, spot-sputter. you get the picture?

7) if a fairy god mother isnt possible - send my mum over

Friday, 26 February 2010

laid in bed

this blog should be full up of emotions, rants, comments, explitives, anger, sadness, occurances, thoughts; you name it. but its not. why? because it will turn around and slap me in the face so hard that it feels like iv kissed an oncoming train.

Monday, 22 February 2010

something that made me giggle

was walking with felix and lottie blabbering on about random stuff and somhow we came upwith this:

your sexualitly is a minor explitive

made me giggle.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

loosing my virginity

no virginity, virginity btw... my dribing virginity.

yes! warningto all drivers ... i have my first lesson today! Scary stuff.

its in exactly one hour and 4 minuties time. and i am shitting myself

i am just wondering, come half 3, im going to still be alive?

on a slightly better note, i hadmy winchester interveiw yesterday. went alright. allwe had to do was have a natter in groups. done! no one to one interrogations in a room full of scary, sited people; looking down at your through little specitcals.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I am a good person

i failed to mention this, but on saturday i saved a butterfly!

heres the story: so i was cleaning james's car, and i decided to explore the barn. and this poooor cute little butterfly was caught in a cobweb, and me being me, i felt sorry for it. so i let it out. buuut the butterflys wing and anntenna thing was still stuck together with cobweb. tried pulling it off but mr butterfly startedflapping about.

but i had an idea... ran upstairs, grabbed my minni embrodary scissors, and cut the cobweb off. by now mr butterfly liked me and crawled onto my hand, and i took him outside and set him free =D

yaaays im lovely

Sunday, 7 February 2010

thought while on facebook

im bored. i have lots of things to do, yet i am bored on facebook. why am i still on it?

do the facebook creators send a sort of brain virus which makes us feel compelled to wait on facebook for a new notification to pop up, or a message from facebook chat?

what would life be like without facebook? how many more essays would we have written. how many more bottles of vodka would we have consumed, and how many more hours of sleep would we have had?

my conclusion on facebook = lame lame lame lame.

yet i am still logged on.

Monday, 1 February 2010

double bill blog

i know this is the second blog today. but i need to get this off my chest, and strangely onto a social networking site, instead of a private diary with 10 padlocks and a voice activated lock.

but i bloody hate being a girl sometimes!


the stress about boobs: "mine are too big" "mine are too small" "i have burger nipples" "why did i get it pearced" - truth is, they are boobs. a guy is going to suck them whatever!

the stress about hips: Yes, every girls hips are big unless you survive off tissue paper

the stress about looks: this is tricky. but i hate the way i look, your more than likely to hate how you look. i wish i looked like you, you wish you looked like me. that girl over there is realy pretty. i want her hair. SHUT UP! its not going to happen. (unless you have a haircut or dye it maybe)

thing is, i was listning to the surgery or smething on the radio, and a 12 year old phoned in, all upset cos she doesnt like how she looks. your not alone, we all feel like that from time to time. and the doctors advice is 'accept and love who you are'. we give that advice to our friends when they feel low. but do we ever take our own advice and accept out funny noses, our slight moustaches, pudgey cheeks, and our over plucked mono-brows?

it will be said to us, and by us so many times to accept ourselves as we are, sometimes we do, other we dont. but we are only girlies-so men. dont judge us cos we do try.

i hate it when a guy is sat, laid back on the grass outside helford commenting on girls. "she has a fat ass", "her face looks like a mashed potato". you shoudl hear what we say about you.

the end!

holes in tights!

i hate them, i loathe them, i wish they were never born!

so you are there in the mirror, slipping your skirt on oner a new pair of tights which cost £6 bloody quid in a 3 pack. you feel good. before you go out you throw on a pair of heels and yeah, s'alls good walking down the road. recivings beeps from scabby builders in vans and wolf-wistles from school kids. then the tights burst and your big toe is poking out of the end.

then what happens is a lack of blood to the toe then it gets numb. you then realise you should have trimmed your toe nails because it is scraping and pinching the end of your shoes. and its plain uncomfortable. you find a bench and shufty them so the hole it hovering over your food which gives you a tempary sight of relif and comfort. then pop! it all happens again.

hey! i thought those tights i bought here hole and ladder proof. fuck you marks and sparks ¬_¬

Thursday, 28 January 2010

does anyone read my blogs?

so, i logged on to my blogger, checked what was new and had a thought - does anyone actualy read thw bullshit i write on here? ok, i rant about 'pretty' women, how aliens cant be designed and new years resolution. and ok, in all honesty, it isnt too interesting. but it passes 5 minuits reading it, yeah?

so all the people who say on facebook and msn "I'm bored!", they could save that comment and read my blog. so instead of complaining, they would say "kaylas blog is awesome", and i wouldnt be wasting 10 minuits writing this crap about nothing.

on another note:

FUCK OFF!!! i dotn want to meet up with you, you are bloody 27. why the hell would i want to hang around with someone who should be at work, going to the pub after work with his collegues and coming home to his wife. not cooped up, sending emails to a 17 year old saying 'hey hun' 'love you xxxxxx' GO AWAY!!!

~sighs~ i feel better now

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

thoughts after being insulted

"im not going to hug you because your not as pretty as ness" - Charming. Bloody Charming.

What are women? objects? 3D watercolour paintings? naked statues with an illusion of clothes?

the men will reply to me, "women think we are tools with one aim"... True, but only when they are horny.

what i dont get is how some women get men. the ones, doused in foundation. Lips paler than their natural skin colour, in some horrible pearl colour. a thin stip of liquid eyeliner on the bottom of their eyelids, which cracks and smears; also making them look like zombies from a 40's film. that annoying pouting smile, giving victoria beckham a run for her money; but as soon as they open there mouths, that horrible pearl is on their teeth. over-straightened, over-dyed black hair, lying static 2 inches away from their heads. and i wont forget to mention, the sopts. Bubbling away under their foundation, leaving cracks in it like mini earthquakes.

is that realy attractive guys?

surely, when you kiss them, you get their pearl on your lips, meaning you have to lick it off, or whipe it off. i dont know which is worse. a sticky hand, or plasticy stale gunk sliding down your throat. and if you kiss their face ... must be like kissing a chalk board. and their necks. the over-powering, sickly purfume which is suppsed to be vanilla, or flowers, or some exotic scent named 'erotica'. who knows.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

finished january exams...

... one word:


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

thoughts whilst on the bus home

today, was saton the bus home when someone i used to know got on at Hayle. i dont think she recognised menso she didnt sit next to me. shes changed a bit. her hairs brown instead of black with horrible roots. but her natural hair still doesnt make her look good.

i know this sounds realy bitch and horrible, but it was like i was looking into the past at me from 3 years ago. And how im glad i have changed.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

untitled 2

this post would be a massive rant about how i am rather annoyed at someone right now.
you dont know who it is.
could be male, could be female
could have brown, blonde, red, purple or multi-coloured hair
could have a big nose
could have small eyes
could have a broken leg
or a black eye

whoever they may be, thye might not even read this to know im annoyed at them.

but a message to them - just rember what iv done for you. and not just what i have done. would be nice to hear from you once in a while. for a coffee or a chat. not this silence filled with a few words which supposed to have feeling, but infact they are empty and meaningless because i know that you are not behind them.

missed the bus ...

... again! why does the bus have to come early? cant the bus driver feel sorry for us girlies, rushing to cram out feet into expencive heals. touch up our nails and makeup. squirt perfume into our hair so that also smells nice. its hard work being a woman y'know!

geeze, cut us some slack and let us finish being beautiful!

Sunday, 17 January 2010


i was going to write a blog, but i was too tired. had a fun day making tiramasu, yoga and playing twister at wolfmans!

so today, i had to revise for my english exam tomorrow. not fun. last night i fell asleep with good intentions of waking up bright and bushy tailed to enbark on a mission of revision. guess what, i woke up late. tidying my room was more interesting than plouging though sylvia plath. and we watched avatar. but i did get some done so i am pretty much sorted for tomorrow

i hope....

after i have bored you with my revision talk, ill focus on avatar. two words- Freekin' amazing. not ever have i enjoyed a film about naked blue people running about as much as this one!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Just One

this is the only one picture of New Years. Its Rather lame as you cant even see my tutu or fairy wings!

this is the official last picture of the naughties

what is all the fuss about?

snow this, snow that ..... I'm bored of hearing it. i was up in Leeds a few weeks ago and more snow fell in an hour, to what has fallen in a whole week here. its silly. you have bus services stopping, causing one poor bloke i spoke to, miss a funeral. Cars driving at 5 miles per hour. weather reporters telling us the roads are a bit dodgy. Come on, did she go to university or not. Dodgy. Amazing term for a professional meteorologist to use huh?

when will this snow stop and our lives can continue back to normal? iv been stuck at home, what ... 5 days now; and the fresh sprinkling of snow from today will give me another two days to mindlessly roam around the house. mind you, today i did make a yummy spicy bean salsa. but cut my finger in the process!

see what the world is coming to... overuse of blogger, facebook and msn, and slicing fingers off ... hurry up summer!

on the plus side, my mum booked my 18th birthday prezzi. A lovely Cruise around the Med. Cant wait!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Thoughts whilst watching War of the Worlds

Humans cannot possibly make aliens in films! its impossible.
surely alien is something which is completly and utterly inhuman - yet all the aliens in films seem to have: sight, hearing, tough, smell, two legs, two arms. Yes they may look a little strange with green blemished skin, but overall, they're still very humanistic

to make a real alien you need to think outside the human box

note: i am not saying i can make up an alien ...

... because to do that, surely you would need to forget all that you have ever learnt in a human enviroment, and animal for that matter; and come up with a charater which is completly and utterly origional, it would be totaly unrecognisable to anyone else. then, would you be able to see it?

how would we recognise something that is so unfamilliar and possesses no charactersitics that us human would recognise, however obscure some creatures are. we can recognise animals by eyes, limbs, lungs, movement and behaivour. how would we recognise something so obscure that its characteristics have nothing smilar to what we are used to. would we just overlook it? is there an alien sat right next to you?