Kala Pose

Kala Pose

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

thoughts while writing my english essay

why are boyfriends hoodies always better than your own clothes? men always seem to choose the cosyest, warmest hoddies ever. wheras my stupid cardigans only take a pinch of cold air away from you. but i am tucked up in james's hoodie as snug as a bug making a copious ammout of english work bareable. no joke. it would be horrible if i was cold.

on the english front ... it isnt going happily. i was doig fine researching about femminism and all that rubbish, untill i get to the actual writing bit. how can i condense the content of 8 web pages into one consise paragraph? burrrh. scrap that for a while ... drink a strange flavour tea (i ahve found out that tea actualy has no taste, it is purely an aroma) and chatter untill i discuss fruit and how it is sexual while sublty inserting a bit of inequality somewhere.

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