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Kala Pose

Sunday, 7 March 2010

WHY? do men always get the better deal?

have you noticed that men always get the better end of the deal of being human? it has just occurred to me that they have all the privileges while us women have the raw deal.

1- Peeing
men can just up and go whenever or wherever they want. in a toilet, into a bush, off a cliff, and if they are anti-christ, up a church. us women have to find a toilet which is reasonable, wait in a 10 minuet long queue, behind a woman who had a kid who you know is going to take ages because kid fanny about half the time. when you Finlay get to a cubicle, theres no loo roll. this mean you have to just think 'fuck it' and go for it anyway, or wait another two minuets, risking your pride until the next is free. then theres the issue of the loo roll. its either too soft so it disintegrates, or too hard and hurts your underside. men, you dont know how lucky your pee, shake and go technique is.

2- Moods
man = on/off, good/bad, horny/very horny

woman = happy(mildly, very, extremely, ecstatic)/sad(meh, 'i think im going to cry', hysterical, 'i need a shoulder', 'i need a councilor')

Amused (this will keep me going for hours, ill get bored in a minuet, im pretending to be amused, haha, your penis is small)/ bored (hurry up bus, hurry up boyfriend/husband), 'what your saying is dull', i have finished all the housework, i have all my housework to do, i cant be bothered to cook, i have work in 10 minuets)

horny (quick kiss, foreplay, tease, sex, whatever else you might be into)/uninterested(you have bad breath, you shouldn't have eaten so many pies at Christmas, had a hard days work, im too tired, your not so great in bed, id rather have the gardener, go to the gym and ill consider it)

time of the month (LEAVE ME F***ING ALONE)

3- sexual organs
men- penis goes up, jiggle it around, hey presto thats my work done

woman- 'have i remembered Johnny's' 'did i remember to take my pill' 'coil? implant?' 'i might be pregnant' 'am i sexy enough' 'will he notice the mole on my bum' 'is there supposed to be hair there' 'shizzer i forgot to shave my legs' 'does it smell nice' 'damn, its the time of the month' 'does it matter i had curry last night?' 'i have a weak bladder' 'i have a cold, will i sound stupid?''what if he wants anal' 'shall i wear my corset, maids outfit or girl boxers?'

4- pregnancy
men - woman "honey, im pregnant" man "fuck that" runs away

woman- morning sickness, feeling rubbish, getting fat, ugly maternity clothes, aches and pains, lack of sex, cravings for cake, slow, cant work, stay at home, then the giving birth .....

i think that i have proved my point a little. any man going to prove me wrong - go on and entertain me =]

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