Kala Pose

Kala Pose

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

the noughties are almost over

the noughties are almost over, so i think its time to think about the new year. this includes a new blog maybe...?

so yesterday was a very lame day, keep having god-awful splitting headaches from this medication iv been given. 2 nurofen don't work so i admit i am regularly over-dosing on nurofen. don't call the men in white coats on me...please.

cheered up now though, as me and my mother went over the M+S, Next and Boots in Hayle. we bumped into a friend of my mums and we had coffee and had a natter. Bought a watch, a bra and some shoes (mum also bought a pair the same, shame were not the same size), and in Boots - bought some perfume. so after spending £40ish, my troubles seemed to evaporate.

so been thinking about resolutions. it ll be 2010 in a few days .. new year, new decade, new kayla:

1- loose the choccy belly
a lot of people will argue with this, but the amount of chocolate i eat is giving me a belly and a bum. OK, I'm not fat, but a year of choccy .. that's 365 bars ... will make me a little on the porky side. plan of action - only eat chocolaty things on the weekend.

2- gain an interest in something which wont dump me
Sad truth of my life, i cant hold a boyfriend. its not me! I'm lovely to them. iv even had secksings 3 times in a day for a someone ... jeeze! So after a while they get bored of a short haired brunette, and prefer a new chick with long blonde hair and big boobs. So i have decided to join a club, photography is taking my fancy.

3- stop being a twat
when I'm in a shit mood i go off in some stupid rant about how shit i, and my life is. its bullshit. i have a nice house, an awesome family, everything i want and need, and friends. Even though some have decided to dump me and not bother with me, i still have some. so when i am in a bad mood i shall try not to bother you with the crap. ill just cuddle up to Branwell Brown and sob it out instead.

4- Shoes
i like shoes. No. I love shoes. But i feel this overwhelming need to conform with the crow,d and stick to flatties and boots. "No more" i say! i love my heels, so i don't care if people think im a posh, snot-faced totty. i love shoes. bring out the heels for 'two oh ten'.

5- Must add this as I'm using it now
carry on using blogger.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing Day

Bit late, as you can see from the title,but, HAPPY XMAS 7 people i have who follow me! i might have already said merry xmas to you already, but the xmas feeling has now carried on for you for an extra day. wahey.

currently at Dans. had the boxing day and met the family. when i say 'met the family' i didnt mean Dad and Brother, i meant family, the whole family. Including the gran! essh scary time.

All was cool. Got a bit of revision done while dand been playing scrabble, now im obviously on my laptop posting this.

this is quite a boring post, but i cant be bothered to add in juicy details of 12am or half 12am, so this will have to do.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Ahh Yeah


at bloody last! spent ages doing the research and bit n bobs for it and i can finaly chillax ... for a night.

Was looking through my blogs last night and realized, most of them really shouldn't be in veiw of the public eye. So i deleted them all! Basically starting this all over again. Wheey. Will be much more boring without my usually rants and raves, but it has to be alright for ANYONE who might just pop on.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Motivation at last

I have to do a presentation tomorrow for my media project - dreading it. i don't get on with many people from my media. so ill have 12 blank faces staring at me, one girl who will be eagerly leaning in, eating up everything i say almost quivering in anticipation for 'question answer time'; and him, the annoying one, who will be flicking pieces of paper at everyone (me and him actually get on though). May end up being a bad thing though, as he might start making cow noises at the camera. yes its filmed aswell

Back to the point,the presentation tomorrow. iv been sat on the edge of my seat for about a month wondering what to write, and shitting myself about it. today, Finally finished it, with cue card, and, get this, questionnaires! smart me! not only did i finish my presentation ... did budgets and wrote a to-do list of all the work i need to do - horrendously long. all men would love to have a penis as long as it.

why i have been ranting on about my work? ... well, i haven't had any motivation for ages so its an achievement to do all this in a day. Go me!

is thinking about starting a book ... and actually going through with it?

Sunday, 13 December 2009

A sudden realisation...

I know i have just posted a blog, but, its been a while since i wrote something worth reading on here. It's all about someone not texting me back, or who the new fella' is or what i had for dinner last night. Who cares? I haven't written something interesting like, a political article with a full evaluation, or a philosophical discussion or an online lecture on quantum psychics. Well, your not going to get one anyway.

I only posted this to tell you that i am laid comfortably in bed, with the heater on, eating popcorn.

night night x

thoughts whilst watching Epic Movie which isnt so epic

Why is garbage like this budgeted to go into the cinemas and T.V?

I dont see how rubbish teen movies get budgeted at all. If i wanted to watch stuff with sexual context, i would just watch porn. A girl who gets a dildo for her birthday isnt remotly funny at all; it is, infact rather grim someone being hit in the face with it after its been up her fluzie.

and why take the piss out of the new willy wonka film. Its Tim Burton. It's almost offencive. And taking the piss out of Da Vinchi Code, whats that all about? The tahget audience for Epic Movie is so young that they wouldnt understand the Da Vinchi Code.

Also they show it on T.V when they could be showing an actual decent film like Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels or BeetleJuice. There old enough to be on T.V. Speeking of age, the target audience for this film have to be up for school tomorrow, and the film finishe at half 11ish ... they wont be able to wake up for their cheerios and glass of milk. bless.

~sigh~ the adverts are over. Time to watch a Harry Potter spoof