Kala Pose

Kala Pose

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Motivation at last

I have to do a presentation tomorrow for my media project - dreading it. i don't get on with many people from my media. so ill have 12 blank faces staring at me, one girl who will be eagerly leaning in, eating up everything i say almost quivering in anticipation for 'question answer time'; and him, the annoying one, who will be flicking pieces of paper at everyone (me and him actually get on though). May end up being a bad thing though, as he might start making cow noises at the camera. yes its filmed aswell

Back to the point,the presentation tomorrow. iv been sat on the edge of my seat for about a month wondering what to write, and shitting myself about it. today, Finally finished it, with cue card, and, get this, questionnaires! smart me! not only did i finish my presentation ... did budgets and wrote a to-do list of all the work i need to do - horrendously long. all men would love to have a penis as long as it.

why i have been ranting on about my work? ... well, i haven't had any motivation for ages so its an achievement to do all this in a day. Go me!

is thinking about starting a book ... and actually going through with it?

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