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Kala Pose

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

the noughties are almost over

the noughties are almost over, so i think its time to think about the new year. this includes a new blog maybe...?

so yesterday was a very lame day, keep having god-awful splitting headaches from this medication iv been given. 2 nurofen don't work so i admit i am regularly over-dosing on nurofen. don't call the men in white coats on me...please.

cheered up now though, as me and my mother went over the M+S, Next and Boots in Hayle. we bumped into a friend of my mums and we had coffee and had a natter. Bought a watch, a bra and some shoes (mum also bought a pair the same, shame were not the same size), and in Boots - bought some perfume. so after spending £40ish, my troubles seemed to evaporate.

so been thinking about resolutions. it ll be 2010 in a few days .. new year, new decade, new kayla:

1- loose the choccy belly
a lot of people will argue with this, but the amount of chocolate i eat is giving me a belly and a bum. OK, I'm not fat, but a year of choccy .. that's 365 bars ... will make me a little on the porky side. plan of action - only eat chocolaty things on the weekend.

2- gain an interest in something which wont dump me
Sad truth of my life, i cant hold a boyfriend. its not me! I'm lovely to them. iv even had secksings 3 times in a day for a someone ... jeeze! So after a while they get bored of a short haired brunette, and prefer a new chick with long blonde hair and big boobs. So i have decided to join a club, photography is taking my fancy.

3- stop being a twat
when I'm in a shit mood i go off in some stupid rant about how shit i, and my life is. its bullshit. i have a nice house, an awesome family, everything i want and need, and friends. Even though some have decided to dump me and not bother with me, i still have some. so when i am in a bad mood i shall try not to bother you with the crap. ill just cuddle up to Branwell Brown and sob it out instead.

4- Shoes
i like shoes. No. I love shoes. But i feel this overwhelming need to conform with the crow,d and stick to flatties and boots. "No more" i say! i love my heels, so i don't care if people think im a posh, snot-faced totty. i love shoes. bring out the heels for 'two oh ten'.

5- Must add this as I'm using it now
carry on using blogger.

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