Kala Pose

Kala Pose

Monday, 1 February 2010

holes in tights!

i hate them, i loathe them, i wish they were never born!

so you are there in the mirror, slipping your skirt on oner a new pair of tights which cost £6 bloody quid in a 3 pack. you feel good. before you go out you throw on a pair of heels and yeah, s'alls good walking down the road. recivings beeps from scabby builders in vans and wolf-wistles from school kids. then the tights burst and your big toe is poking out of the end.

then what happens is a lack of blood to the toe then it gets numb. you then realise you should have trimmed your toe nails because it is scraping and pinching the end of your shoes. and its plain uncomfortable. you find a bench and shufty them so the hole it hovering over your food which gives you a tempary sight of relif and comfort. then pop! it all happens again.

hey! i thought those tights i bought here hole and ladder proof. fuck you marks and sparks ¬_¬

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