Kala Pose

Kala Pose

Monday, 1 February 2010

double bill blog

i know this is the second blog today. but i need to get this off my chest, and strangely onto a social networking site, instead of a private diary with 10 padlocks and a voice activated lock.

but i bloody hate being a girl sometimes!


the stress about boobs: "mine are too big" "mine are too small" "i have burger nipples" "why did i get it pearced" - truth is, they are boobs. a guy is going to suck them whatever!

the stress about hips: Yes, every girls hips are big unless you survive off tissue paper

the stress about looks: this is tricky. but i hate the way i look, your more than likely to hate how you look. i wish i looked like you, you wish you looked like me. that girl over there is realy pretty. i want her hair. SHUT UP! its not going to happen. (unless you have a haircut or dye it maybe)

thing is, i was listning to the surgery or smething on the radio, and a 12 year old phoned in, all upset cos she doesnt like how she looks. your not alone, we all feel like that from time to time. and the doctors advice is 'accept and love who you are'. we give that advice to our friends when they feel low. but do we ever take our own advice and accept out funny noses, our slight moustaches, pudgey cheeks, and our over plucked mono-brows?

it will be said to us, and by us so many times to accept ourselves as we are, sometimes we do, other we dont. but we are only girlies-so men. dont judge us cos we do try.

i hate it when a guy is sat, laid back on the grass outside helford commenting on girls. "she has a fat ass", "her face looks like a mashed potato". you shoudl hear what we say about you.

the end!

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