Kala Pose

Kala Pose

Saturday, 27 February 2010

summer time?

woke up this morning and decided to have a change from the monotinous crunch of cereal and go for grapefruit. make you feel so summery. so i had toast with marmalade after so i had a citrus filled saturday morning. what a way to start the day with summer brekfast!

now i am sat listning to blondie while james it out and about picking people up an buying me plasters. i wasd doing work, but after effects broke so i gave up and decided to blog while daydreaming about uni.

i am thinking .. what would be on my xmas list after being a poor student for months?:

1) FOOD! not packet savoury rice which is chewy and the bits of carrot are a bit plasticy and pinball-peas. I want smoked salmon on crackers an cream cheese. sushi and fresh, tesco finest, saladd collection with balsamic ressing. don't forget the flan. And for deseart i will have homemade lemon mirangue - from baking trays which arnt congeled with someoene elses meat pie juices.

2) Double Bed - i bet the uni beds are only tiiiny single with wafer-thin matereses which leave inprints of the metal bars on your back. i will want my double bed, luxury thick soft matteress. doubled up douvet and, of course, my silk throw.

3) toothpaste - tesco vaule mint isnt nice

4) a small electric heater - my heating broke

5) hair clippers. A hairdressing appointment is too expecive so i have decided to shave all my hair off - easier that way

6) a fairy god mother. someone to do my washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning, back massages, facials, manicure and pedicures, makup artist, hairdresser, personal wardrobe assistant, bag-carrier, tesco-runner, cab river .. no limo driver, book carrier, personal tutor, window cleaner, spot-sputter. you get the picture?

7) if a fairy god mother isnt possible - send my mum over

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