Kala Pose

Kala Pose

Thursday, 8 April 2010

the nightmares are back

since i started college i seem to have outbursts of nightmares every night for a few weeks ... iv been saved for a month or two but they are back again =S fun times

last night i watched harry potter 5 because i knew James would complain about having to sit through it on Saturday so i decided to be nice. well the DVD player broke right at the exiting bit before the end, so i didn't see voldemort. i couldn't be bothered to try and fix it so i went to bed and this is what happened .... a big fat ass voldemort coming at me with his wand in a warehouse and me hiding under a computer desk trying to avoid his torture curse. ok, sounds quite funny, but i now know how Harry feels when he was a little baby. its not fun ok. your a second away from death and all you have to defend yourself is a bunch of cable wires, great. luckily i managed to wake myself before i wake everyone up with my tortured screams or whatnot.

you know what, i hope you enjoy my pain...

ps: went on spellcheck and a misspelled 'myself' was somehow 'slaphappy'

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