Kala Pose

Kala Pose

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

wheres my cheesy message?

one thing i noticed while reading peoples msn personal messages, was how many couples have posted 'i love you baby forever', and stuff along that line.

i dont think i have ever had a lovely, lovey dovey message in my life! am i not worthy of cheese. sometimes i would love a big dollop of gorganzola cheese sploshed on someones personal message ... 'oh kayla if you ever knew what you mean to me' or 'your radiant beauty makes the sun shine duller than rusty iron' something along those lines. its not hard. think of something magnificant or beautiful and say im better than it, basicaly.

well the magnificant thing ... you need to be careful with. i wont appriciate a message comparing me to a magnificant errection or something. oh dear ...

ok, i know cheesy messages are never nice for other people to read, but i am a cheese virgin. c'mon people ... cheese me!!!

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