Kala Pose

Kala Pose

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

bloody hormones!

one thing i hate about being a girl is our hormones. i hate them more than not being able to pee easily in public. i do feel sorry for men sometimes when our bodies become inhuman and turn into a flesh covered hormonal soup!

ok, so my hormones may be a bit artificial and pill induced. But when you have had to miss 3 days of going doctors to get more pills, and you are left uncovered and vulnerable to the worlds daily stresses - Oh god, i am a monster!

these past few days iv been ecstatic one second, and wanting to jump in front of a train the next. last night on a relaxing walk to calm myself down i ended up seriously considering resigning from the world of human and seeing what life would be like as a salve in hell. the littlest tinniest thing to potentially lower my mood has made me look like that volcano in iceland ... erupt and the devastation lasts for weeks.

on the up-side - i Finally went to the doctors and in a few days i will be the 'normal' kayla everyone knows. and all the men i know, especially James, can come out of their hiding places.

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