Kala Pose

Kala Pose

Monday, 10 May 2010

a strange desire

for some reason i realy want to go to hospital. iv never ever been propely. iv had a checkup here n' there, but never a maijour 2-night-over-stay-jobby. i want to see what the foods like, what the nurses are like, are the beds comfy, how embarrising bed pans are. most importantly, i want to know if the people i care about will notice and come and visit a poor weak kayla in a hospital bed.

ok, i think this thought was triggered off by Matt commenting on how light i (apparently) am. then picked me up and span me round realy realy fast. it was pretty fun and i went weeeeeeeee but i got all scared he was going to drop me. that wasnt what i should have been scared off, when i was put down conor told me my head was an inch away from a metal light post. eeeeek!

at the time i was thinking 'shit'. but now i wonder what would have happened of i did hit the post. bit of a headache. passed out. brain damage. death. broken skull. personaility loss. or nothing. i duno. i never will, unless i get spun near a post again.

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