Kala Pose

Kala Pose

Monday, 17 May 2010

what is wrong with helford?

OK. what the hell was wrong with Helford building today? walking down the stairs from English was like walking into the bowels of someone who had egg and cress sandwich for lunch. flippin' pongin'!

i wont have a blog all about foul smells in case your scared.

but on the subject of smell - I'm tired of people sticking their noses in other peoples business. if someone wants to tell you something, they will off their own back! i don't want to tell every tom dick and harry what someone texts me, or what i talked about last Friday night. next ill be asked what colour my shit is or something. ~sigh~

anyway on a lighter note, it was finally sunny today! i can almost feel the beach calling me over! this year, screw being mature and adult but I'm going to take my old inflatable whales down the Beach and have fun. I'm kid in the eyes of the law for 2 more months, i got to make the most of my fading child days.

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