Kala Pose

Kala Pose

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

thoughts after being insulted

"im not going to hug you because your not as pretty as ness" - Charming. Bloody Charming.

What are women? objects? 3D watercolour paintings? naked statues with an illusion of clothes?

the men will reply to me, "women think we are tools with one aim"... True, but only when they are horny.

what i dont get is how some women get men. the ones, doused in foundation. Lips paler than their natural skin colour, in some horrible pearl colour. a thin stip of liquid eyeliner on the bottom of their eyelids, which cracks and smears; also making them look like zombies from a 40's film. that annoying pouting smile, giving victoria beckham a run for her money; but as soon as they open there mouths, that horrible pearl is on their teeth. over-straightened, over-dyed black hair, lying static 2 inches away from their heads. and i wont forget to mention, the sopts. Bubbling away under their foundation, leaving cracks in it like mini earthquakes.

is that realy attractive guys?

surely, when you kiss them, you get their pearl on your lips, meaning you have to lick it off, or whipe it off. i dont know which is worse. a sticky hand, or plasticy stale gunk sliding down your throat. and if you kiss their face ... must be like kissing a chalk board. and their necks. the over-powering, sickly purfume which is suppsed to be vanilla, or flowers, or some exotic scent named 'erotica'. who knows.


  1. Its cool you're prettier than ness IMO anyway...
    And i'm sick of seeing women as objects of the media its really upsetting >_>

  2. Add to that its also annoying how girls think that they have to lather themselves in war paint and literally wear a strip (exaggeration) of clothing to look good.