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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

An oddity within a relationship

Have you ever been around an acquaintance or somebody you have just met and think they smell really bad of B.O, or their facial hair makes them look like a bad hippy from the 60's? Or that they just need a plain good wash. But you will never tell that person your thoughts. You would rather wrinkle up your nose and think of roses and ignore that smudge of dirt above their eyebrow?

Yet within a relationship does...
- "Put the toilet seat down"
- "No crumbs in the butter"
- "You smell"
- "Have a shave"
... sound familiar?

If you think how much this acquaintance means to you in comparison to your partner. Have a good ponder! Your partner makes you laugh with silly 'inside' jokes. Introduces you to new people. (Hopefully) Gives you mind blowing sex. However the acquaintance may not enter your head unless you bump into them.

Why do people insult their partner more than someone who means jack-shit? Really doesn't make an ounce of good sense. I'm definitely guilty of doing so. In fact I can think of some good examples from today.
Knarky comments and snide remarks surely should push someone away from you. But it doesn't. Are insults just merely playful banter? An excuse to exert some energy?
The more I think about it, I really couldn't give two craps if the toilet seat is up or down as long as I have a good ol'e ****.

Once the honey-moon phase of romance and lust has worn off. Maybe the banter of generic annoyances between couples become a steering device of a relationship in replacement of newly found excitement.
When your first dating someone new all you think about is when your next seeing them, wondering what they're into etc etc. Once this information has been found humans have a need to have another conflict and preoccupation.

At the end of the day, I'm not entirely sure where this is leading to. I have had a few cocktails and am now going to sleep.
Night, kay.

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