Kala Pose

Kala Pose

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Almost 2 years later

Hello Blog.

I had totally forgotten about you, until Jamie was showing me some of his poems he wrote when he was 15. Just like that I thought "Oh, I have a blog".

One improvement I have noticed since my last visit is ~drum-roll~ Automatic spell checker! Hopefully my spelling won't be as foul as all my other posts.

So last time, I was explaining my terrible attempt at asking a guy out on a date. In all honesty, the whole 'girl asking guy out' still hasn't worked in my favour. But at least I have had dates :)

The last two  years have been pretty eventful. Quit University, moved to York, quit the bank, got obsessed with Game of Thrones and got a new job. In an iccle nutshell.

Im going to leave this post as it stands. Two reasons: One, I have nothing interesting to say tonight. Two, Orange is the New Black is on..

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